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MAY 8 - 12, 2019
100 Watt Earth Stage
Ottawa Children’s Festival
Youth Share their Creativity with 
Audiences of All Ages

On the 100 Watt Earth Stage, youth up to age 20 perform for audiences of all ages. This is a mini-kingdom where theatre, music, poetry, visual arts and dance speak the voice of youth.


The 2019 theme?  100 Ways to Tell a Story

*Sing a story**Act a story**Paint a story**Dance a story*

*What about the stories not spoken?*

*Whose story is it?* 

Stories are everywhere --in a moment, a look, a poem, a piece of music. So what's the story you need to share?


Submit a proposal of what you or your group would like to offer:

Do you have a short play? Do you play a musical instrument, or are you part of a band? Do you write poetry or fiction, or do you sing? Are you great at improv? Do you have an arts-based workshop that you could offer for a group of children or teens? 

Artists of all abilities are welcome.

Visitors of all ages to the 100 Watt Earth Stage watch performances, take part in workshops, create visual art or add  their voice to the 100 Stories exhibit.

Contact or 613 795 8912

100 Watt Earth Stage Artistic Producer & Creator: Kristina Watt

Ottawa Children's Festival:




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