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What happens when you're told there's 12 years and it's the 11th hour? 

Theatre through the hearts of youth, 12 is an urgent love story between generations and towards the planet we share


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With a blend of hope, outrage and humor, 12 gives voice to youth with regards to the Climate Crisis and a future they've inherited. 

12 is an invitation to stop, listen, and consider what it means to take action at this point. It is theatre for all ages but --by necessity-- co-created and performed by youth. The script is built from conversations with teens, interviews they had with citizens of Ottawa, text from COP24, words by global youth activists such as Boyan Slat, Aumtum Peltier, Greta Thunberg, Xuihtezcat Martinez and the Australian high school students who were told by their Prime Minister to be “less activist." 

Creation & Direction: Kristina Watt / 100 Watt Productions

Photographer: Brigitte Pellerin |


12 began in 2018 in collaboration with students of Ottawa Children's Theatre

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