12: a 100 Watt Production created by Kristina Watt in collaboration with youth age 12-17

12 is a theatre creation that gives voice to youth with regards to the Climate Crisis and the future they fell they've inherited.


It is theatre for adults but --by necessity-- performed by youth. The script is built from conversations with 11 teens, interviews they had with citizens of Ottawa (all ages), text from COP24 in Poland, words by global youth activists such as Boyan Slat,
Greta Thunberg, Xuihtezcat Martinez and the Australian high school students who were told by their Prime Minister to be “less activist.”


12 is not a teen rant. It does not preach. Instead, perhaps it could be seen as a cross-generation love story --a playful theatrical invitation by 10 young people to stop, listen, and to consider what it actually means to take action at this point. It voices their confusion with the inaction of corporations, leaders and their elders.

If the show were a question, it asks “What do we do when we’re told you have only 12 years and it’s the 11th hour?


Due to Covid-19 & the pause from f live theatre, performances of 12 are postponed indefinitely.

For more information or to arrange a performance at your organization, contact Kristina Watt: kristina100Watt@gmail.com or 613 795 8912.


Creation & Direction: Kristina Watt

In collaboration with: Savva Boguslavskiy, Anna Carsley-Jones, Sebastien Cimpaye, Sophie Dean, Quinn Lesaux, Jaya Matiation, Olivia Smith, Ethan Whidden, Kaatje Yates, Natasha Knight, Paige Young

Production Assistant: Thalia Paterson

Developed in partnership between 100 Watt & Ottawa Children's Theatre School

Photographer: Brigitte Pellerin | https://www.brigittepellerin.com

© 2014 by 100 Watt Productions


Kristina Watt - Artistic Leader

105-88 Somerset Street West

Ottawa, ON K2P 0H6