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100 Watt develops original adaptations with teens and professionals  based on the plays of William Shakespeare.  These plays use Shakespeare's text as the foundation for playful anarchic creations.


Contact Kristina Watt if you are interested in one of these plays or would like more information.

Study Shakespeare with 100 Watt? Are you age 13-18? Join the Ottawa Youth Shakespeare Ensemble, in partnership with the Ottawa Children's Theatre.



Tales Told by an Idiot, Signifying Nothing? 

MACBETH & the media; how do we process tragedy?


Love is Merely Madness 

Shakespeare, mental health & teens, all set in an Asylum for the Lovesick.


Lear’s Kingdom 

Filial duty, love and LEAR--through the eyes and hearts of teens. All on a subway moving through New York City.


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