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Bringing artistic skills and techniques from the stage into the community -- schools, community centres, hospitals, and festivals.

100 Watt supports the communication, collaboration and leadership skills of doctors, lawyers & litigators, and politicians. Group workshops develop individual employee needs, and the team-work essential to businesses.





With the National Arts Centre & Ottawa Schoolchildren (2011-) 

Three Minute Play Festival

  • Teaching, devising, and guiding the creation of new plays by children, performed by audiences of all ages of Ottawa.


With the Ottawa International Children’s Festival (2011-)

The 100 Watt Earth Stage 

  • 5 days of Performing Arts by Youth, free to audiences of all ages.


Climate Change Project

  • Theatre and the Arts as a voice for young peoples’ hopes and curiosity for the planet.


With the Playwrights Guild of Canada (2007-2009)

Uth Ink

  • young people write & perform site specific plays, inspired by a place in their community.


Our Stories Outreach Program (2005-2010)

  • theatre as a voice for children of all backgrounds and challenges; new creations based on their stories.


TWA (Third Wall Academy) (2012-)

  • Artistic Director of Ottawa's only young company connected to professional theatre. Age 15-20.

Power of Persuasion (2017-)

Coaching lawyers and litigators how to balance clarity with passion, to use rhetoric with ease and presence. With the Advocacy Club.


Inspired by work at the Lincoln Center, Kristina offers a workshop that gives strategies to identify, clarify and strengthen your personal vision as an artist. "The artist you are is defined by the choices you make—and how you make them in relation to others."

Please contact 100 Watt for scripts or further information.


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