100 Watt Productions creates innovative, boundary stretching theatre through collaboration between professional artists and young people.


100 Watt Productions offers high quality, innovative Theatre for All Audiences, through a process of intense and rigorous learning while children & youth explore and often perform with professional artists. Productions embrace the tension between innocence & anarchy, while posing universal questions that may resonate with any age. The work is driven by a curiosity about humanity’s relationship with nature and to one another.


100 Watt Productions

  • aims to offer innovative theatre that blends innocence with anarchy.

  • believes that young people can approach theatre creation at a high skill level.

  • believes in theatre that arises from BIG QUESTIONS posed to artists of any age.

  • sees budget restraints as positive impetus to explore and merge new forms that rely on exercising the imaginations of both the artists and audiences

  • believes professionals have as much to learn from youth as youth from pros.