Holding Mercury

A Woman, a Brain and a Drummer. Neuroscience meets kick-ass drumming and the question of change.


Holding Mercury is  an experimental fusion of science, spoken word, explosive drumming and drama. The piece stands upon cutting edge research in neuroscience and in particular the concept of brain plasticity. Who is the Drummer and can the Woman control the chaos of self through apparent certainties of science?

In development. Part of The Collaborations at the National Arts Centre

Currently seeking development support and opportunities. Contact Kristina if you or your organization would like to be part of the process!

Creative Team:

Creator:  Kristina Watt

Performers: Kristina Watt, Mike Essoudry

Director and Dramaturge: Nick Carpenter

Musician and Composition: Mike Essoudry, Steve Geyer

Production Assistant: Drea Flynne

© 2014 by 100 Watt Productions


Kristina Watt - Artistic Leader

105-88 Somerset Street West

Ottawa, ON K2P 0H6