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100 Watt has developed original creations in collaboration with young artists, all inspired by a love and a curiosity about the planet--and our relationship to it.  Some were built as site-specific creations, for instance at the Canadian Museum of Nature.


Contact Kristina Watt if you are interested in one of these plays or would like more information.


To see production images click on the links next to the title.  Script samples available.



an original theatre creation that gives voice to youth with regards to the Climate Crisis and the future they feel they have inherited

Wild Life 

6 children are called by a horse to Sable Island: how can you care if you don’t know it’s there?


These Enchanted Woods 

a lone branch calls a Conference of Trees: what is the voice of the forest?


The Taxon Trials 

a magical trial for survival: 6 animals demand their Day in Court


12 Drops and 1 Moon 

Luna, the Moon, & 12 trapped drops of water: is it is possible to own a piece of nature?


noitanilloP: Kingdom of Partnerships 

science & nature meet the arts: the longing and need for partnerships


Connections: Two is Better than One 

courtship rituals in nature & those of humans…not so different?


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